Dreaming of beaches… Picture-perfect beaches

Sitting in your car in traffic, on the train or metro on your way home from work, you really could do with a holiday. Just picture this… setting down your suitcases in your room or apartment and getting your holiday gear out. Don’t bother putting everything away, just get your favourite swimming costume and beach towel (and of course beach accessories for the children!).  Then just enjoy the sea and the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, in Balagne.

You don’t need to go far to find the perfect beaches. They are here in Balagne! The sand is so fine that it slips through your fingers, the water is warm and soft for a cool and relaxing dip in the sea, which is a beautiful shade of blue, somewhere between turquoise and azure blue. The water here is so pure that it looks like the boats are just floating on thin air, and of course don’t forget the wonderful scents from the surrounding maquis which fill the air… In Balagne you are sure to find tropical beaches just a few metres away. Are you looking for a more intimate place? The wild coves are the ideal spots to enjoy an intimate day on the beach, away from the crowds. Take a dip around the granite rocks, admire the beautiful seabed, what more could you need for the perfect day enjoying all that Corsica and the Mediterranean has on offer.

Map of the beaches of Balagne

Enough space for everyone and all activities

Relaxing destination

Farniente sur une plage en Balagne

Your holiday in Corsica is guaranteed to be relaxing, basking in the sun and feeling the soft sand on your feet on the beaches of Balagne. Make the most of these moments of pure happiness, lying on the sand or sitting comfortably on a sun lounger. Listen to the soft sound of the waves breaking on the shore, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while now, and just live in the moment.



Enjoy all the sea has to offer

Do you think lying on the beach is a waste of time? So get moving! In Calvi, Ile-Rousse and on all the beaches in Balagne, the sea has so much to offer, to discover new activities and have fun. Climb onboard an optimist boat and feel the wind carrying you out to the horizon, dive into the deep blue sea to discover the wonderful marine life, feel the thrills as you are pulled along at great speed in an inflatable tube, or drift along at your own pace on a pedalo boat or stand-up paddle board… But above all, don’t forget to just have a great time, and make these moments ones that you will remember for the rest of the year.



Plage de l'Ostriconi en Balagne en Corse @Stéphane Guiraud

Build me a sandcastle!

The little ones will have great fun on the beaches of Balagne, letting their imagination run wild. You can just see them now, setting off with their bucket in hand to collect seawater, mixing it with the sand, to form the perfect mixture for their first masterpiece; digging the moat around the castle with their little hands and making a pathway down to the sea so it flows into their moat, making them giggle with pure joy. Of course, you’ll need to give them a helping hand from time to time, to discreetly rebuild a part of their castle, swept away with a wave, but what a pelasure to see them jump with joy when they proudly finish their masterpiece, covered in decorative shells.

And of course, you too, can enjoy this moment where you awaken your inner child, jumping over the waves, catching a ball as you dive into the sea or heading over to the rockpools with your net, just like a modern day Robinson Crusoe.