Corsican mountains … chlorophyll freshness

Leave the sea and sandy beaches behind you and head past the inland villages which form the rich history of our Balagne region, and discover other regions with a very strong cultural identity. Welcome to the mountains in a more secret side of Balagne, the mountains of Ghjunsani, Bonifato and Falasorma.

Ghjunsani: the song of the birds and electro music… theatre and chestnut trees

Here there are no borders separating nature, traditions and a touch of modernity. Go over the Col de Battaglia and so your journey begins. On your way, you will discover the villages of Pioggiola, Olmi-Cappella, Vallica and Mausoleo. Under the watchful eye of Monte Padru, Monte Grossu and San Parteu, life here is completely different.

There is a perfect blend of two very different worlds. The electronic music of the Machja Festival can be heard through the fields, and the  ARIA theatre productions founded by Robin Renucci which take place in an absolutely beautiful cultural temple A Stazzona (the forge).

Life in the authentic villages is organised around these two important events, which welcome you in the shade of the chestnut and Corsican pine trees, at the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, in the Tartagine and Melaghja forests. This is the perfect blend of nature and culture, to make your discovery just right.

Bonifato… the mountains near Calenzana

Calenzana still has some surprises up its sleeve! It is among the most wide-spread towns in France, and not only provides the fantastic quality of life of a peaceful Balagne village, but also wide-open natural spaces which are just waiting to be discovered. Bonifato forest is perfectly located between the mountain and the river.

It is precisely in this idyllic setting, in the hamlet of Frassigna, that Jean-louis and Sandrine decided to set up their sheep farm, where you can go to discover the speciality cheeses and especially to taste the famous Calinzana. If you carry on, a bit higher up, you will finally arrive in Bonifato.

Here you will come across a superb area for activities for people of all ages, natural swimming pools to cool off in, and hiking trails. You could even choose to relax and go for a meal or a drink at the Auberge, surrounded by peace-and-quiet, green trees and the soft swooshing of the river… In Bonifato, you can set off on a hiking trail, go for a dip or just relax, it’s up to you…

Falasorma and Marsulinu… history and preserved nature

Leave the Balagne seaside and dare to climb the Col du Marsulinu, towards Falasorma. Spanning from Galeria all the way to Paglia Orba, you will see some magnificent natural spaces here such as Fango river, the entrance to the Scandola Natural Reserve, and Manso in the shade of the eucalyptus, the holm oaks and the snowy peaks of Monte Cinto.

In these areas, you can feel that you are surrounded by the history of the Niolu sheep farmers, who shaped the land with their practice of transhumance, a muntagnera.