The magnificent Calvi!

The pure waters, rich heritage sites and fantastic history make Calvi a true gem of the Ile de Beauté. Come and discover this little slice of heaven in the North-West of Corsica.

From the streets to the citadel…

The most remarkable thing about this place is without a doubt the majestic Genoese Citadel.  This perfect construction, built onto the water, overlooks the snowy peaks of Monte Grossu which reflects a shadow onto the sea. Then, as you wander around the narrow streets, stop by the delicatessan, Corsican creator boutiques, beauty shops, well-being shops and restaurant terraces, all under the watchful eye of the Virgin Mary. An original and unforgettable experience awaits you!

From the marina to the long sandy beach…

At the foot of the impressive Genoese construction, fishing boats and yachts come and dock here in the colourful marina. Just a stone’s throw away, and still in the town centre, is the immaculate white sandy beach, stretching out as far as the eye can see. It is bordered by a pine forest, surrounded by a wooden pathway. After a dip in the sea and soaking up the warm rays of the sun, this green oasis is the perfect place to cool off in the shade of the pine trees.

Exceptional panoramic views…

Then, set off on foot on the coastal path, towards Galeria. First you will come across Revellata, with imposing rock formations, a lighthouse and small intimate beaches. Then, if you take the small path which goes up to the hilltops on your left, you will come to the locals’ favourite spot… Notre Dame de la Serra. This is of course above all a place of worship and pilgrimage. But the chapel and sanctuary within also provide the most beautiful panoramic view over Calvi and the surrounding mountains.

Famous characters and heritage sites…

From Christopher Colombus to Napoleon…

The town of Calvi in Balagne is proud of its heritage and especially of Christopher Columbus, shown by the hotel, avenue and statue bearing his name. Honestly, there is no actual solid proof that the great explorer was actually born here but deep down… it’s not important. The local people of Calvi are still proud of their connection to this important moment in history… their history. Now, head up to the citadel and you will see the ruins of the house, once occupied by the Columbus family.

Another great name is famous in this town, that of Napoleon Bonaparte. His godfather, Laurent Giubega, and his house in the citadel, as well as his nephew, Prince Pierre and his famous château, helped Calvi gain access to the exclusive federation of Cités Napoléoniennes Européennes (European Napoleonic Cities).

Calvi, always faithful…

However, the true noble status of this town was given by Genoa. The Italian town’s motto “Civitas Calvi Semper Fidelis”, made Calvi want to prove its loyalty to the Serene Republic. Due to this loyalty, the town firstly opposed Pisa. Then, during the Siege of Calvi in 1794, the town fought against Pascal Paoli’s Corsican Revolution for Independance. That is how the Genoese City met the famous  Admiral Nelson … or rather the opposite!

Travel happy, travel blog, Calvi is the medieval capital of Balagne and well-known for the famous Genoese citadel from the 13th century, built onto a rocky headland, offering a magnificent 360° view over the town, one of the most beautiful towns in Corsica.

All year round

Fruit and vegetables, regional produce: every morning from 8am to 12:30pm, Covered Market
Clothes, equipment, accessories: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, all day, Ortacce car park, opposite Super U supermarket.

From May to September

Fruit and vegetables, regional produce: every Wednesday morning from 8am to 12pm, at the square in front of the Pas Pareil restaurant, rond-point de l’aéroport (airport roundabout).
Craftspeople, creators and regional produce: every Thursday morning from 9am to 1pm, in the car park next to the Casino supermarket.