Find your happy place..

Let’s go on holiday! But where shall we go? Let us guide you in Corsica and Balagne, to all the places you absolutely must see… 

Are you dreaming about going on holiday, to discover a new place not far from home, a beach, cultural activities, a relaxed way of life… a real change of scenery! Why not come to Corsica, and especially to the Balagne, meet the local people and see those dreams come true?

Just for you…

Here is our selection of highlights and unmissable places to add to your bucket list! The magic of Corsica awaits you! 

A natural environment which will leave you utterly speechless, villages where traditions and culture will take you on a journey back through ancient times, with local music, captivating scents, delicious tastes… everything you could possibly need!

The Balagne is the absolute perfect example of breathtaking beauty which will awaken your senses and open your mind!

Warning! the following unmissible places will most likely leave you craving a trip to discover Balagne in Corsica.

Plage de l'Ostriconi en Balagne en Corse @Stéphane Guiraud
Ostriconi Beach in Balagne in Corsica @Stéphane Guiraud


Heavenly beaches worthy of the Carribean, luxurious maquis full of scents, a protected natural environment for hiking and setting off on an adventure… heaven is here in the Balagne!
Agriate has to be earned! A 3-day hiking trip, trips in a 4×4, or a boat trip to discover the coast, you need to be patient in order to see everything on offer. And if you are in too much of a rush, Ostriconi Beach will unveil some of the treasures this area has hidden!


Pigna en Balagne en Corse @Stephane Guiraud
Pigna in Balagne in Corsica @Stephane Guiraud


Authenticity! That’s the keyword to describe the magnificent village of Pigna. Little houses with blue shutters, clinging on to one another. A maze of paved streets which will lead you to village squares, fountains, breathtaking panoramic views and arts and crafts workshops just waiting for you to push open the door. The friendly local people are eagerly waiting to meet you. The best time of the year to come here is at the beginning of July. The festival of voices, Festivoce, will transport you to another land, that of music and vocals, both from here and elsewhere…

Le Fango @olivier Gomez
The Fango @olivier Gomez

The Fango

Around bends, over bridges, the coastal landscape is transformed into mountains and forests… welcome to Falasorma Marzulinu. And through the middle of it all flows the river Fango. Enjoy admiring the rocks, crystal-clear and fresh waters, and natural swimming pools where there’s something for everyone. Stop for a picnic, people of all generations will love jumping off the rocks, sliding down the stones and just having a great time in the Balagne.

rencontres balanines groupe corse A Filetta ©Jean Marie Colonna
“Rencontres Balanines” Corsican group A Filetta ©Jean Marie Colonna

A Filetta

Terza, seconda, bassu… all the different vocals that will take you on an unforgettable journey to the heart and soul of Corsican polyphony as well as from around the world. The hand cupping the ear, the singers united as one, listen carefully to this exceptional sound. You will hear the traditional songs which come straight from the village squares as well as original creations, as the group A Filetta reveals themselves to you. They are authentic, passionate and inspiring. This voyage has a name… A Core Datu !