Find your happy place..

Let’s go on holiday! But where shall we go? Let us guide you in Corsica and Balagne, to all the places you absolutely must see… 

Are you dreaming about going on holiday, to discover a new place not far from home, a beach, cultural activities, a relaxed way of life… a real change of scenery! Why not come to Corsica, and especially to the Balagne, meet the local people and see those dreams come true?

Just for you…

Here is our selection of highlights and unmissable places to add to your bucket list! The magic of Corsica awaits you! 

A natural environment which will leave you utterly speechless, villages where traditions and culture will take you on a journey back through ancient times, with local music, captivating scents, delicious tastes… everything you could possibly need!

The Balagne is the absolute perfect example of breathtaking beauty which will awaken your senses and open your mind!

Warning! the following unmissible places will most likely leave you craving a trip to discover Balagne in Corsica.