Incontri balanini… siate i benvinuti

The beauty of Corsica can be witnessed first of all through its landscapes, as soon as you lay eyes on the superb island. From the outset, you can admire the fertile and generous natural environment here. However, this is also thanks to the men and women who shape the land with their love, determination and specialist know-how.

Who is hiding behind the label “Rencontres Balanines”?

Above all, is it a label for the talented men and women who are committed to sharing their work with you, and passing on their passion and professionalism. They will welcome you with open arms to their workshop and take time out of their busy schedule to talk to you and spend time explaining their trade. They all received the “Rencontres Balanines” label thanks to this care and attention towards their visitors. You will see their certificate, proudly displayed on the wall in their workshop.

They are waiting for you…

As part of this wide network, Craftspeople, potters, jewelers, glassmakers, producers of honey and olive oil, singers and wine producers showcase the values of their living or intangible heritage, whilst ensuring they respect the Corsican traditions and hospitality. They will also tell you all about Corsica, their island, your next holiday destination.

Venture off on the Balagne hiking trails where you will come across hidden authentic rural villages where these creators have decided to set up their workshops. So there you go, all that’s left to do is to come and experience these moments for yourselves and you will take home with you the fond memories of these friendly local craftspeople from your visit to Corsica and the Balagne.