Time to meet new people…

Above all, packing your bags and setting off to discover a new place, means that you are thinking about yourself, about recharging your batteries… and… being open to the warm welcome from those you meet along the way. You might feel the thrill of meeting new people, the emotion of getting to know them and creating special memories from your travels. These special memories will stick with you forever, forming a special bond between you and Balagne in Corsica.

What are you looking to discover? The delicious local specialities, the scents of a powerful natural environment, the minerality of the varied landscapes, the friendly glance from the local men and women. The locals here are fiercely proud of their region and they have decided to make it their vocation to share their passion with visitors, and so with you. When you go back home, will you yourself become the next ambassadors of Balagne by telling all your close friends and family about this region? We hope so!

Share your experience of Balagne

With a post, a tweet, everyone likes to share their experience. Just like us, come and tell us what you think of our region for our magazine So Balagne. Tell us about your best memories and all about your experience in Balagne! Take advantage of the pure relaxation of your holiday to really release the writer in you. And if you are finding it hard to put pen to paper, just close your eyes and let the words come to you naturally, to set the scene of the magical moments you had here!

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