Nature in Corsica… preserved paradise

Nature really shows all its colours in Balagne, just like a permanent rainbow. You can see a whole host of colours here, ranging from the emerald green of the rivers, to the soft or deep greens of the wild maquis and forests to the ochre shades of the rocks. These are the natural pigments of the heavenly place that is Balagne and Corsica, part of our natural environment, which we strive to protect. This environment is just waiting for you, budding explorer, to come and admire all it has on offer.

From the blue of the sea to the almond green of the rivers…

Swap the turquoise blue waters at the beach, for the deep blue out at sea and come and discover the fascinating beauty of the Parc Marin in Agriate and Cap Corse. Then, to witness a touch of green, come and listen to the soft sound of the Figarella and Tartagine rivers,  preceded by the whisper of the Fango Delta. All the while adding to your palette of colours, painting a perfect picture of your holiday.

From the green of the maquis to the emerald green of the forests…

Let’s add to that even more colours with the Cistus, Juniper, Myrtle, Olive trees or even the arbustus which seem even golden in the Balagne sun, not to mention the Corsican Immortelle. Build up your very own Balagne herbarium, using the scents of the maquis as your guide. La Revellata, Agriate, Losari and Regino Valley are the most iconic reserves. Then, as you venture higher, you will be surrounded by the green shades of the oak and Corsican pine trees, in the cool air of the Fango, Bonifato and Tartagine forests.

… And the shimmering ochre shades of the rock sculptures

Leave Calvi and set off to the South of the Balagne region. On your way, you will see the natural sculptures formed by each red granite rock. You will feel like you are at an open-air art exhibition, one which would make lovers of land-art fall to their knees.  On the other side, near the sea, you will see the Scandola reserve. This area is protected by UNESCO and is among the most beautiful places that nature has bestowed upon the island of Corsica. Scandola Nature Reserve is, above all, a staggering place with the sheer cliffs rising sharply from the sea. In fact, the Meditarranean has never been as beautiful as it is here.