The Balagne… perfect example of Corsican beauty!

There’s no going back! You’ve made your choice to come to Balagne. You can now start the countdown to your holiday! Listen carefully because we are going to tell you everything you need to know. You’ll feel like you’re already there!

Balagne is a miniature Corsica inside Corsica. It is a welcoming region in the North-West of the island which offers a combination of seaside treasures and inland gems, up to the mountains.

From the highest peaks to the depths of the sea, this is where the two very different habitats collide. Nature has taken its place peacefully, without creating any obstacles to those who want to discover it, always welcoming and delighted to show you the way. The soft rustling of the olive trees, the echo of the river and the rush of the waves, the sweet scent of myrtle, blending with that of the immortelle in Calvi, Ile-Rousse, the entrance to the coastline will take you as far as the small inland villages, and you will get closer and closer to the mountains.

In Balagne, there really is something for everyone. As a family, with friends or as a couple, in the mountains or at the seaside, your favourite activity is waiting for you. In summer, spring or autumn, Balagne has something different and unique to offer! Even in winter, you will see another side to this Ile de Beauté, a quieter side, more peaceful and more authentic!

See you very soon in Balagne!

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