A large number of you ask questions when you are planning your trip to Calvi, Ile-Rousse, in the Balagne and in Corsica. Here are the most frequently asked questions so you can easily find the answers!

To contact the Balagne Tourist Offices

In Balagne there are 2 Tourist Offices and 5 Tourist Information Centres across the whole destination. For opening hours, brochures, information about accommodation and personalised activities, organisation of trips or events in Balagne : 

For the Calvi Tourist Office and Information Centres in the Citadel, Algajola and Galeria: click here!

For the L’Île-Rousse Tourist Office and Information Centres in Lama and Olmi-Cappella – Ghjunsani: click here!

Do you need some brochures and leaflets to prepare for your trip to Balagne? The Île-Rousse and Calvi Tourist Offices have prepared a magazine about Balagne where you can find all our ideas for outings, activities, restaurants and shopping.

You can also browse other brochures online like the Route des Artisans, Route des Vins and Route des Sens Authentiques de Balagne.

See the brochures for Île-Rousse Balagne:  click here!

See the brochures for Calvi – Balagne: click here!

In Balagne there are more than 350 km of hiking trails for all levels, for beginners and the very sporty. To find out all about hiking in Balagne, consult our guide sheets for inter-village trails and a full guide covering all levels of difficulty.

To find out more, consult the Hiking in Balagne page: click here!

What’s more, for those who love technology and nature, discover a whole new way of exploring Lisula and the Balagne region by downloading the Lisula Outdoor app. Explore all the hiking trails digitally on your smartphone, and let yourself be guided through the region’s breathtaking landscapes.

This is more than just a means of transport, it is a real voyage. Many visitors choose to travel this way every year.

The trains of the Chemins de Fer de Corse offer two itineraries either leaving from or arriving in Balagne:

  • The main lines: From Calvi or Île-Rousse, head towards Bastia or Ajaccio, passing through Ponte Leccia
  • The Balagne tram: every day, go to Calvi from Île-Rousse and vice versa. The perfect way to visit the coast.

You can view or download the timetables in the Brochures section of the Calvi Balagne Tourist Office (click here) and the Île-Rousse Tourist Office (click here)

Autocars Mariani : +33 (0)4 95 65 04 72

– Ile-Rousse – Saint-Florent – Ile-Rousse line (Every day from early July to late August) : Departures at 8:00 from the train station and 8:05 from the Orange shop – stops at L’Osari roundabout, Spiga bakery car park, Ostriconi and Casta campsites – Return from St Florent at 17:15
New for 2024 : Departures from Calvi, Lumio and Algajola will be possible every day by reservation, by telephone or by e-mail garage@autocarsmariani.com

Autocars Beaux Voyages : +33(0)4 95 65 11 35

Regular Calvi-Bastia-Calvi service:
– Off season: Monday: departure Calvi 5:30 – return from Bastia 16:30 – Tuesday to Thursday: departure Calvi 7:00 – return from Bastia 16:30 – Friday: departure Calvi 7:00 – return from Bastia 18:10
– July and August: daily departures from Calvi 7:00 and 13:30 – returns from Bastia 10:30 and 17:00…

Seasonal Calvi-Calenzana-Calvi route (July and August): daily departures Calvi 1:15 pm and 7:30 pm – returns from Calenzana 1:45 pm and 8:00 pm.

Autocars SAIB : +33 (0)4 95 22 41 99 – ATTENTION always call the company beforehand to confirm days and times.

Seasonal service Porto – Calvi – Porto

July and August: Monday to Saturday departure from Porto at 8:00 am (arrival Calvi at 10:30 am) – Departure from Calvi at 11:00 am (arrival Porto at 1:30 pm) – Stops at Calvi Airport – Bonifato and Fango crossroads.

FREE bus shuttle – Port de Galeria – Tuarelli in July and August

Free shuttle buses run every day except Saturday from the port of Galeria to Tuarelli, with frequent stops: more information from the Town Hall or the Tourist Information Office in Galeria.

Calvi-Balagne beaches

Floating Mobi-Chair bathing chairs and Mobi-mat launching mats are available.

Calvi beach: at the communal first-aid post, U Pinu restaurant and Calvi Nautique Club.
Algajola – Aregno beach: At the Algajola Sports nature establishment and at the first-aid post.
Galeria village beach: at the harbor master’s office
Lumio Ondari- Arinella beach: Restaurant le Matahari

L’Ile-Rousse Balagne beaches

Napoléon and Caruchettu beaches in L’Ile-Rousse :  floor mats and tiralos (floating wheelchairs) are available at the first-aid post.
Losari beach : floor mats and tiralos (floating wheelchairs) are available at the first-aid post near Casa di Losari.

Polyphonic vocals concerts, electronic music, films, theatre, Balagne offers a wide choice of events all year round.

Our online events calendar is updated daily so that you don’t miss out on anything: click here!

If you prefer, you can consult the calendar online or download the paper version in the Brochures section of the Île-Rousse Balagne Tourist Office: click here!

In Île-Rousse: There are 3 car parks in the town (available at a fee).
The Parking de la Mer, near the train station, charges a daily rate of €2.50 from June to September. The Parking de la Poste, on the Route de Monticello, and the car park at Place Paoli, in the town centre all charge a fee all year round, except during town celebrations in the low season.
You can park your car in the streets of the town for free, all year round, but spaces are limited. Make sure you don’t park on pedestrian crossings or in front of private house entrances.

In Calvi: In the town of Calvi there are 6 car parks which charge a fee (limited to a maximum of 12 hours for a fee of between €2 for ½ hour and €17 for 12 hours) as well as short stay parking areas (limited to a maximum of 2 hours for a fee of between €2 for ½ hours and €17 for 2 hours) in the town and 1 car park at the citadel. There is also a private car park at the entrance to the harbour, opposite the U supermarket, which charges a fee. There is a fee from the beginning of April to the end of October from 9am to 9pm for long stay areas and all year round for short stay areas.

Free spaces reserved for 2-wheelers are available in all parking lots and parking areas.

The parking areas in the pine forest along the beach are subject to a charge from mid-June to mid-September (free for 2-wheelers).

Free 20-minute stop terminals are available at various points around town.

ATTENTION: In Calvi, the Forfait Post Stationnement, a national and European parking fee of 17 euros, applies in the following two situations:
– You park your vehicle without paying
– You exceed the time for which you have paid

In the rural inland villages: in general the villages in Balagne have a signposted car park shown at the entrance to the village, such as the square in front of a church or special plots of land made into car parks. You can then enjoy your visit on foot.

Near beaches and protected areas:
Almost all the beaches in Balagne have a car park: see the beaches of Balagne.
Only Ostriconi beach doesn’t have one. You can take the road which goes past the Camping de l’Ostriconi campsite and park on the old road. Avoid parking on the main road as that could be dangerous for you and for other cars.

Bonifatu and Tartagine Forests: these two sites are part of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. There are car parks with all the practical information you will need to get the most out of your visit.

The Fango: The river and natural swimming pools are very popular, especially in the summer period. To protect the eco-system, car parks with an information centre and composting toilets have been provided near the bridge (at a fee) and near Manso (free of charge). We remind you that it is strictly forbidden to park along the road leading to Manso, as it is the only access road for locals and emergency services. Traffic wardens will regularly check the area.

By order of the town councils, overnight parking is forbidden for motorhomes in Balagne. To enjoy your holiday and ensure the respect of the environment, we advise you to use the dedicated parking areas and facilities  in our campsites in Balagne: click here!

By order of the town councils, animals are not allowed on the beaches of Balagne. You can find out more in the section Sea and Beaches. Luckily, there are many coves where you can take your pets and enjoy the sea together.

In Calvi
All year round: Fruit and vegetables, regional products: every morning from 8am to 12:30pm, Indoor market.  Clothes, items and accessories: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, all day long, Ortacce car park, opposite Super U supermarket.

Calenzana, July & August: Local producers’ market, every Wednesday morning from 9am to 1pm.

Lumio, from April to December: Farmer’s market, every Wednesday morning from 8:30am to 12pm

Galeria, from April to October: Farmer’s market, every Friday morning from 9am to 12pm.

In Ile-Rousse
Farmer’s market: all year round, every morning from 8:00am, come and discover and buy local seasonal products.

Clothes market: all year round, every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, a large number of stands await you at Place Paoli to buy all kinds of clothes and accessories.

Come and see our local producers at the rural trade fairs: click here! 

You can consult and download a list of all the main healthcare professionals in Balagne, available from the Brochures section of the Calvi Balagne Tourist Office (click here) and Île-Rousse Balagne Tourist Office (click here)