Here, time stands still

Welcome to the South of the Balagne where this very different landscape will most certainly take you by surprise. It is almost entirely made up of granite and volcanic rock. The sand on the beaches is a grey colour and almost lunar. It blends in perfectly with the purple and black stones. The rock however, is a stark contrast with its strong appearance and ochre, pink or red shades.

The delta of treasures…

Now you’ve perfectly understood, nature here takes on a very unique appearance to offer you a change of scenery that you won’t find elsewhere. First come and lie down on this pretty beach of stones, washed in by the Fango river. Then, give in to total relaxation in this wild environment. The Fango flows right up to Riccinaccia beach and forms here an extraordinarily beautiful delta. However, you need to follow the river upstream to really get a better picture of the peace and quiet. Take your time to discover it and why not take a dip in the freshwater, while you are still on the beach!

In the village with your feet in the water…

The remarkable thing about Galeria is this ability to offer you several different beaches, each with very different appearances, but all very much enchanting. After stopping off on one of the stony beaches at the mouth of the Fango, you can venture on an exploration as far as the village. That’s where you will find the sand again, for a well-deserved break, just a few metres from the small harbour. Finally, those who prefer to be alone can go further, in fact right to the end. Far from the watchful eyes of passers by, you will find a tiny cove, far from the crowds. As for the more inquisitive, know that you can also find the eyes of Sainte Lucie here, but …shh! Don’t tell everyone…

Practical information

How do we get there?

To the stony beach and the delta: before you get to Galeria, head towards the tower and park your car in the car park there. You can access the beach from just below the tower, on a wooden pathway.

To the other beach: when you arrive in Galeria, head towards the village harbour. After parking your car here, you can walk to the beach. PRM access : Floating Mobi-Chair type chairs for swimming and Mobi-mats for launching into the water are available from the marina harbourmaster’s office.

The beach is not supervised.

Animals are accepted on the beach.