Why is there a tourist tax?

The tourist tax you are required to pay is used for the development and promotion of tourism in the area. This tax means that the region of the Balagne can rely on an influx of tourists thanks to the work done by the two Tourist Offices in the area, in Calvi and Ile-Rousse.

In our area, this tax helps the Tourist Offices, helps to develop promotional activities for the tourist offer in the region (trade shows, workshops, development of digital tools such as the reservation platform, mobile application, etc.), and also to support events organised by local or external associations.

Who pays tourist tax?

All travellers staying in the following type of accommodation are required to pay tourist tax: palace, hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, tourist residences, holiday villages, campsites, tourist rentals or the harbour.

The practical side

The tourist tax in Balagne varies depending on the type of accommodation, from €0.20 to €4 per person per night. There are some cases where this tax is not required, you will find more information about this on the websites for tourist tax over the two areas.

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To find all the information about the tourist tax in the Calvi-Balagne area…


The revenue from this tax is given to the Calvi-Balagne Tourist Office, which is in charge of tourism promotion.

Note: until the 1st April 2019, the tourist tax was included in the price of accommodation. From this date, it will be required separately, except for fully-furnished rentals.

To find all the information about the tourist tax in the Ile-Rousse Balagne area: www.isulaprotourisme.com

For your information, accommodation such as hotels, palaces, bed and breakfasts, tourist residences and holiday villages in the Ile-Rousse Balagne are all obliged to display the amount for tourist tax in their establishments. This amount must also be displayed on any invoices given by the establishment and it is not systematically included in the price of the accommodation.