Long nicknamed the garden of Corsica, Balagne is a land blessed by the gods with extraordinary fertility and a very fragrant scrub. Orchards, wild plants, vines, endemic flowers, all natural elements that promote the exceptional conditions of your well-being.

Imagine yourself in a Spa of one of our hotels enjoying the unimaginable benefits of a massage accompanied by the scrolls of the most beautiful scents of Corsican maquis. Meet the beauty artisans who know how to extract emblematic plants like immortelle, the essence beneficial to your health and well-being. Admire the landscapes and the magnificent places of Balagne ideal for practicing qi-gong, taijiquan or yoga. Spiritual masters and health specialists perform regularly at conferences.

It is high time to take a rejuvenating break which reconnects you to yourself, in the heart of Balagne which presents itself as your true wellness destination!

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