Our advice for a successful hiking trip!

Here are our recommendations to ensure you can set off on your hiking trip with peace of mind. Whether it is for an hour, a day or over several stages, the rules to respect are always the same.

The basic equipment…

Make sure you check you’ve packed all of these things in your bag: sunglasses, hat or cap, water bottle, sun cream, waterproof clothing, a jumper, cereal bars, dried fruit, sandwiches, a bin bag, at least 1.5 litres of water, a map or guidebook and a compass, a mobile telephone (fully charged!), a knife, a torch with batteries, a first aid kit, spare shoes, toilet paper or kitchen roll.

Even for a leisurely stroll as a family or with friends, always make sure you have proper walking shoes… keep the flip flops for the beach!

Of course, don’t forget a camera to take photographs along the way (it also means you can save your phone battery!).

We’re counting on you!

As you know, every year in Corsica there are serious forest fires. Most of them are started intentionally but some are also accidental. So to prevent accidental fires and to protect this environment, help us respect this special place by remembering a few good practices:

  • Especially do not leave your rubbish behind
  • Do not pick too many flowers or other finds along the way and do not disturb the animals
  • Do not smoke
  • Finally, do not camp in the open air and do not light fires

When it is very windy, we strongly advise against hiking and walking and it is actually forbidden.

Also, do not hesitate to contact the Tourist Offices, who are all aware of the rules to respect to avoid fires. They will also be informed by the local councils in the event of closure of a part of the land.

There you go, now you are aware of our recommendations, all that’s left to do is enjoy your walk through the Balagne!

Also available to readrecommendations from the French Sports or Interior Ministry

Discover the FOSIVA application

The FOSIVA application is designed to raise public and visitor awareness of natural hazards, improve safety in forest areas, report fire outbreaks and reserve slots for sites subject to visitor quotas.

The FOSIVA application is a Web App (computer & smartphone).
After accessing the web page, you can transform the link into an application on the smartphone or computer home page to receive daily information:

– You can see the fire danger level on the interactive map, click on a massif for more information and get a localized weather forecast.
– You’ll find advice and tips on how to behave in the “Good Deeds” tab.
– You can alert the emergency services and receive an alert of an event taking place in the area.