A walk or a hike… at your own pace!

Are you looking for an active holiday in the great outdoors? In that case, the Balagne is the perfect destination to take the time for your favourite activity: hiking in Corsica. With 300 km of trails, you are sure to find the right ones for you and really put yourself to the test!

As a family, you can easily set off with the children on the former donkey tracks between the villages of the Balagne. Easy and leisurely strolls which have been perfectly designed to combine physical activity with a discovery of the heritage sites of rural Balagne.

The more experienced walkers among you may wish to take on the challenge of the big loops of over 7 hours hiking between villages but also through Tartagine or Bonifatu forests. If you are looking for an even bigger challenge and rush of adrenaline, embark on the famous GR20, known all over the globe as one of the most difficult hiking trails in Europe. The sheer beauty of the landscapes you will see along the way, will ensure that you almost immediately forget how difficult it was to get there.

The Balagne is a land of hiking and discovery. Come and see for yourself these routes full of history, memories and sporting accomplishments.

Didier, a lover of hiking for pelasure, Hiking in Balagne is a surprising combination of nature, discovery and unforgettable encounters. In the midst of the maquis, under the chestnut trees, the sheer diveristy of the surrounding landscapes is surprising!