Come inside the wonderful world of Ghjunsani and delve deep inside one of the most beautiful forests in Corsica. Located inland, the forest is overlooked by the impressive Monte Padro, the peak of which reaches over 2,300 metres.

It was once an essential resource for Ghjunsani due to the diversity of wood species here, the sheer wealth of possibilities for hunting or foraging and the impressive open-spaces for sheep farmers. It is an ideal place for mountain grazing in the summer months.

Thanks to the diversity of Corsican pine trees, holm oak and holly, juniper and tree heath, the forest of Tartaghjine Melaghja (Tartagine Melaja) has managed to obtain the protection of Natural zone of ecological interest, fauna and flora (ZNIEFF in French), to ensure that these fragile species are protected. Holm oak and juniper are now protected species in a Natura 2000 area and recognised as wildlife habitats, sheltering the spotted salamander for example. Along your way, you will discover ash trees, birch trees, not to mention a large number of plant species such as Tartagine holly and foxglove.

A multitude of species have chosen to shelter in this heavenly place. Look around and you may catch a glimpse of a bearded vulture, golden eagle, the more discreet mouflon, the Northern goshawk, the Corsican nuthatch and the Corsican deer.

Tartagine forest invites you to come and venture along one of the many hiking trails through the wild and remarkable Regional Natural Park of Corsica.