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The Balagne, a hiking destination…

With our hiking guides and informative leaflets in hand, you can set off on one of the many hiking trails on offer in the Balagne.

Those looking for a leisurely stroll will be delighted with the choice on offer, as well as those looking for a more challenging hike.

To make sure you set off with total peace of mind, the Ile-Rousse and Calvi Tourist Offices work hand-in-hand with hiking professionals. Together, they have compiled the hiking guides and informative leaflets which give you all the details you need.

Pathways between the sea and the mountain…

Along these trails, you will above all discover the exceptional landscapes here, but also the rural inland villages of the Balagne, along with the heritage sites and history.

Finally, whether you come as a family, with friends or as a couple, we promise you breathtaking views and a unique experience between the sea and the mountain where the colour and scents of the maquis fill the air.

Hiking in complete safety…

To make sure you set off hiking with complete peace of mind, there are some good practices you need to take on board.

Take a moment to read through the hiking guides and informative leaflets and make sure you follow our recommendations. Your hiking trip in Balagne will of course be a moment of discovery and encounters, but in complete safety.


An application for hiking in complete autonomy

The Tourist Offices of Balagne have digitised all the walking routes in a mobile application available on the stores Cyclo Rando Balagne by Corsica. You just need to create an account in 2 minutes. You will then have access to all our routes classified by type: hiking, mountain biking, cycling. Once you have chosen your route, simply download it. The application will lead you to the starting point with the GPS tool of your phone and then you can cut the data from your phone. All you have to do is let our application guide you.

And if you prefer trail running…

L’Ile-Rousse Balagne opens a Trail Area to practice running on trails in complete autonomy. From the coast, to the villages and the mountains of the Haute Balagne, beginners and experienced runners will find happiness in their efforts.
All our routes on Espace Trail Lisula

30 great walks in Corsica and in Balagne


Sentier du patrimoine de Forcili randonnée en Balagne
Forcili heritage trail in Balagne

This detailed and well-illustrated guide was complied in partnership with the Calvi and Ile-Rousse Tourist Offices. It is in fact a condensed version of the different informative hiking leaflets, with nevertheless a lot of interesting information about the flora and fauna you will see along your way.

In the guide, you will find a large choice of walks to go on in the Balagne, which are suitable for families or more experienced hikers. The different routes range from 2hrs to 2 days, and you will find all the details you need to ensure that this moment of discovery or challenge is a complete success. To help you choose the right hiking trail for you, they are divided into different categories: ridges and peaks, natural heritage sites, from village to village, abandoned villages, historical routes and finally, 2-day hiking trips.

As a gift… a free mobile application which allows you to find the basic details for each hiking trail, listen to the comments from a seasoned hiker, the different calls of birds you could hear along the way, as well as a space for you to upload photos.

  • Sales price: €18.90


The Balagne hiking informative leaflets


Revellata Calvi, sur le sentiers des douaniers @Sébastien Aude Balades guides et fiches randonnées en Balagne
Revellata Calvi, on the customs officer’s way @Sébastien Aude

You can also find what you are looking for in the hiking informative leaflets of the Balagne. With walks ranging from 1.5hrs to 7hrs long, there’s something for everyone, to ensure everybody can discover the heritage sites along the way. You will discover the inland villages and the Natura 2000 area around Regino Valley, a beautiful preserved place. You can also ask us for any advice, to ensure you get everything possible out of your walk.

  • Leaflet unit price: €2
  • 4 leaflets: €6
  • 8 leaflets: €10
  • 12 leaflets: €14


Escapades and hiking trails around Ile-Rousse


Pigna en Balagne en Corse @Stephane Guiraud Balades guides et fiches randonnées en Balagne
Pigna in Balagne in Corsica @Stephane Guiraud

Take advantage of the hiking trails from Ile-Rousse or the villages of Santa Reparata di Balagna, Monticello, Pigna and Corbara, and of course the loop through Regino Valley. In the footsteps of the ancient donkey tracks, you will enjoy the breathtaking views and religious and rural heritage sites in the villages.

  • Sales price: €15

The hiking guides and inforamtive leaflets are on sale at the Ile-Rousse and Calvi Tourist Offices, as well as the Tourist Information Centres.

If you would like to get one before you arrive, please contact us