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How does it work?

The French national Qualité Tourisme certification

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The Calvi-Balagne and Ile-Rousse-Balagne Tourist Offices are committed to a certain level of professionalism and modernisation of services, meaning they were awarded the “Qualité Tourisme” label, in accordance with the requirements of the Quality standards for French Tourist Offices.

With this label, all employees of the tourist offices shall ensure the following:

  • Ensure our premises can be easily accessed by improving signs and accessibility
  • Welcome visitors in a friendly, functional and comfortable environment
  • To listen to the needs of visitors, be available for them and answer them as quickly as possible
  • To give visitors personalised advice, adapted to their needs
  • To give the visitor clear, reliable, precise and up-to-date information
  • To be able to welcome foreign visitors thanks to staff who speak at least 3 languages
  • To offer a top-quality telephone information service with highly-motivated staff
  • To take into account suggestions for improvement and comments from unsatisfied customers
  • To develop the products on sale at the tourist offices, to meet the needs of visitors

Category 1 classification

Logo OTF_Classement OT

If our Tourist Offices obtain a category 1 classification, this means the services need to be reassessed. Our goal is to be and to remain a major player in the economic development of our destination, to meet the needs of our visitors and to offer top-quality services across the region.

  • To make sure the welcome area and information centre can be easily accessed.
  • To make it easy for you to find what you need.
  • To offer a place for you to sit down.
  • To inform you about the local tourism free of charge.
  • To display and distribute our opening hours in at least two foreign languages.
  • To be open at least 305 days per year, including weekends during the high season or for events.
  • To answer your emails all year round.
  • To ensure tourist maps, plans and tourist guides are provided in paper format.
  • To give access to the website in three languages and make sure the website is adapted to different devices.
  • To distribute tourist information in paper format, translated in at least two foreign languages
  • To update tourist information on an annual basis.
    • for all classified tourist accommodation, to include at least the name of the establishment, postal address, email address, website, telephone numbers, classification;
    • for cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites and monuments, include prices, opening periods and times for the public, website and telephone and postal contact details;
    • for events;
    • emergency telephone numbers.
  • Display emergency telephone numbers outside.
  • Present all tourist offers with details about the precise location, for all customers.
  • Give you access to availabilities for all classified accommodation.
  • Propose a service providing tourist information, integrating new technology for information and communication (social networks, mobile telephones, geolocalisation, etc.).
  • Respect the requirements of the Marque Qualité Tourisme label.
  • Make sure there is always an advisor available.
  • Guarantee the information about local tourism is reliable and up-to-date, etc.