Walking in Bonifatu and Calenzana

On your mark, get set…go!

Most of you have heard of the hiking trails in the Forest of Bonifatu and Calenzana thanks to the famous great hiking trails, the GR20 and the Mare è Monti. However, there is a whole host of other walking and hiking trails, of all levels of difficulty, which pass through the Forest of  Bonifatu (Bonifato).

We also suggest you set off on an adventure on the Calatoghju, Ficaghjola, Candia, Finochi… and Erbaghjolu footpaths. These names were given as a way to honour memory and tradition, and the Office National des Forêts and Regional Natural Park of Corsica will be delighted to show them to you.

The bravest of you will also have the option of venturing off on the Melaghja and A Spasimata trails. These are reserved for the more experienced hiker and are the connecting trails for the Ortu di Piobu and Caruzzu refuges.

The Sentier de la Transhumance® hiking trail

If you are looking for an authentic experience, the Sentier de la Transhumance hiking trail is the perfect one for you! It is inspired by the route that sheep farmers used to take, so come and walk in the footsteps of the Balagne and Niolu sheep farmers, and witness the remains of a rich agro-pastoral trade in Corsica.

This “walk” goes from Calenzana in the Balagne to Corscia in the Niolu, and passes through Bonifatu. Here are the 5 steps of this route: from Calenzana to Bonifatu  – from Bonifatu to Monte Estremu  – from Monte Estremu to the Puscaghja refuge  – then from the Puscaghja refuge to Albertacce  and finally, from Albertacce to Corscia.

Remember though that for this route, you need to walk approxiamtely 4 to 6 hours per day! This route is however an original way to discover the heritage here and to really experience the local traditions. It is a bit more challenging that the other routes here but you are guaranteed a change of scenery!

To help you find out about all the different trails on offer and to get a better feel of where you are, we recommend you come and get some specialist advice from the Parc Régional or the Office National des Forêts. You can also get your hands on a IGN (French National Institute for Geographical and Foresty Information) map or a guidebook which are available for sale all over Calvi.

So are you ready to set off on a walk in Bonifatu and Calenzana? Come on then, let’s go!

Hiking Information Point – Calenzana : +33(0)4 95 62 87 78