Outstanding biodiversity

Cinque Arcate bridge will lead you into the peaceful environment that is Fango Valley You will see the mountains and forest on one side, and the sea on the other. A completely new world opens up before your eyes. For a few moments you will completely forget the beach and submerge yourself into this Corsican natural environment which is protected by UNESCO and classified in the Natura 2000 network.

Fango Valley classified biosphere reserve…

The Biosphere Reserve takes into account the whole of Fango Valley, from the delta in Galeria, to an altitude of 2,556 metres, revealing the many different faces a Meditarranean valley has to offer. Crystal-clear waters run through this superb setting, of such good quality that it bears the “Site Rivière Sauvage” (Wild River site) label. If you look carefully, you may even catch a glimpse of the “macrostigma” Corsican trout!

Then, open your eyes wide and look around… the fantastic diversity of wildlife will most certainly reveal itself to you. In fact, approximately forty different bird species have taken up residence in Fango Valley. They live in harmony with the Corsican moufflon,  bearded vulture and golden eagle, who have also chosen to shelter in this mountainous terrain.

The Fango delta…

The vegetation which can be found at the entrance to Fango Valley is also a superb blend of remarkable species. Cistus, holm oak, dense mastic trees and arbustus cover this protected area. The marshland is home to hundred-year-old elm and alder trees, and ferns and white waterlilies which serve to shelter the fresh-water turtles. The small rocky islets are home to quite original shaded greenery, with the black alder taking pride of place here. After the wetlands, you will see more typical Mediterranean vegetation and a very old olive grove.

If you find yourself on Riccinaccia beach, under the Genoese tower, stand with your back to the sea. You will find yourself facing a whole other view. The view before your eyes is a combination of the delta, the plain and the mountains. Lovers of photography or sketching will be on cloud nine!

Your tour of the valley ends there, but since you’re here, you might as well carry on your exploration with Galeria

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FREE bus shuttle July and August Free shuttles are available every day except Saturday from the port of Galeria to Tuarelli, with frequent stops: more information from the Town Hall or the Galeria Tourist Information Office.