The beach in the town centre

Have you just arrived on Ile-Rousse in the Balagne? The sea surrounds our beautiful Paoli city, from the Pietra islands right up to Caruchettu beach. On Ile-Rousse it is not only one beach which awaits you, but three.

Let’s begin with the one we call the train station beach. This small beach is where you can find the Ile-Rousse Club Nautique (Sailing Club) and Jet Loc leisure complex.  You can therefore choose the activity which suits you. This is also a place where you can meet the locals, because this beach is quieter than the others so all generations of the local people often gather here. It is very close to the harbour so you will enjoy watching the ferries leaving Ile-Rousse harbour from here.

The other beaches of Ile-Rousse can be found opposite Place Paoli. Head towards the Marinella, a very pleasant walk, the entrance to which is marked with a ship’s anchor and is a popular meeting place with the youth of Ile-Rousse. First you will come to Napoleon and then Caruchettu beaches. They are ideal if you have children with you because they are supervised in the high season.

Wander past the coloured paving stones lined with benches and in the shade of the tamarisk, and look down onto the beach for a free space to set down your towel. You are at Napoleon beach, whose name comes from the hotel behind you. The hotel kiosks have now disappeared, leaving just the beautiful fine sand. If you prefer the comfort of a sun lounger, the beach establishments can provide you with one, bearing the colours of the restaurants and can serve you directly on the beach. Then you will truly feel like you’re on holiday.

Can you see the rocks on the other side of Napoleon beach? They mark the end of Napoleon beach, and the beginning of the affectionately named Caruchettu beach. With these rocks up on the sand, this beach is the ideal location for fishing with a net or snorkling. The smooth white sand here is perfect for building sandcastles. The crystal-clear water with turquoise-blue shades will delight all beach lovers.

Practical information

How do we get there? The beaches of Ile-Rousse can be easily accessed on foot from the town centre. Parking: The train station beach does not have any direct parking facilities. The closest car park is the “parking marin” (near Ile-Rousse train station) and is not free of charge. There is a car park near Napoleon and Caruchettu beaches You will have to pay to use the car park near Napoleon beach, the Place Paoli car park. The car part for Caruchettu beach is actually a field and is free of charge all year round. However, be aware that it is sometimes used to play petanque for the Pascal Paoli Petanque International Challenge which takes place mid-September.

The train station beach is not supervised. Napoleon and Caruchettu beaches are supervised from June to September.

Animals are forbidden on the beaches in the town.