A beach and castle

Welcome to one of the longest stretches of sand in the Balagne; yes you are in Algajola, but this time you’re on the beach side!

Your dip in the sea can begin at the foot of the castellu, on a rocky section of the beach. Then, there’s 1.5km of beaches which stretch out before you so you can relax or take part in the sporting activities on offer. People of all generations will love the turquoise blue waters. Then at the end on your right, near Aregno beach, there’s another rocky section. Those who prefer a quieter, more discreet place will like it here, as well as divers.

Swimming or relaxing… it’s up to you

All the way along the beaches of Algajola-Aregno, you can enjoy the view of the small village and fortress. It’s now the time to set down your towel on the sand, which varies between white and ochre depending on the light of day, or go and take a seat in one of the beach establishments. They have a lot on offer, including very good-quality lunch or dinner menus. Depending on the day and the season, there is also some musical entertainment.

Some of the hotels in the village also have outdoor seating areas overlooking the sea which will delight those wanting to just watch the world go by, with your feet almost touching the water. This setting may seem unbelievable but it is very real indeed!

After the relaxation, comes a bit of exercise…

Forget relaxing for now, and come and try your hand at the many sports activities available here. You could try stand-up paddle or windsurfing. Or why not go for something a bit more daring like kitesurfing or the towed activities.

Also, on very windy days, those who are looking for thrills come here for some truly spectacular experiences. Even if you don’t fancy trying it yourself, you can come and admire the skills of the more daring. So, are you tempted to join them?

Practical information

How can we get there? By car, take the Highway 30 towards Calvi or Ile-Rousse. When you get to a roundabout about 7 km from Ile-Rousse, carry on into the village. After the level crossing, a road to your right will take you alongside the beach until your destination. By train: the Balagne tram takes you down to Algajola beach and there are two stops (Aregnu and Algaghjola)

Algajola beach is supervised in the summer.
Be careful, when it is very windy, the beach can be very dangerous. You will find yourself very quickly in deep waters and the currents can be strong.

Animals are tolerated on the beach, as long as they are kept on a lead.

PRM access : Floating Mobi-Chair type chairs for swimming and Mobi-mat for launching into the water are available at the Algajola Sports Nature establishment and at the first-aid post.