Ostriconi beach is around 15 km from Ile-Rousse in the direction of Bastia. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, at the entrance to the famous Agriate desert, known for the picture-perfect coastline.

It can only be accessed on foot from a footpath which leads off the main road, and from which you will have a breath-taking view. The 800m of fine sand and white sand dunes make this place absolute paradise for holidaymakers and the locals of central Corsica.

This beach is located at the mouth of the river bearing the same name, it is surrounded by a wild preserved landscape and is far from any signs of civilisation. Even the cows love to laze around here…

At the end of the beach you will find the beginning of the sentier des douaniers (path of customs officers) which leads to Saint Florent passing by the superb beaches of Ghignu and Saleccia. Three intensive days which guarantee unforgettable memories!

Keep an eye on the weather forecast, when it is very windy, make sure you follow the instructions given by the lifeguard station because the waves can be dangerous for both adults and children!

Practical information

How do we get there? From Ile-Rousse, take the highway 30 towards Bastia. After around 15 km, you will see signs on your left for the Camping de l’Ostriconi campsite. Take the old road and park your car. There is a footpath near the campsite which leads to the beach. It takes around 15 minutes on foot. Make sure you have suitable footwear.
You may have to cross over the river which flows into the sea here.

The beach is supervised in the summer

Animals are allowed, if they are kept on a lead

Do you know the legend of Biscia land ?

La légende de la Biscia d'Ostriconi - Balagne


Welcome to the legend of A Biscia, Sanguinaire Serpent.
Our story starts in the region of Ostriconi, next to Palasca.
The legend tells the story/tale of Biscia, a frightening serpent with a bird’s head.
Here is the story…


By the small portside village of Parajola is Ostriconi beach. Although a rich & fertile place, its people/inhabitants lived under the spell of Biscia, an enormous/gigantic bloodthirsty serpent !

Living in the swamp of Cannuta, by a tower (today buried under sand), La Biscia abhorred the sound of the church bells of Santa Maria. The quietest ring of the bells would send the monster in a fury, and would come out of it’s….. And devour all who were regrettably in/on its path.

The locals were terrified and at their wits end (utterly exhausted) decided to ask for help from the Lords of the tower to vanquish/kill this unworldly animal. Unfortunately, they were turned down, but Lord San Colombano whose castle was three leagues away, accepted the mission/task.

The following day, he went to the village and ordered all of its inhabitants to stay/remain locked inside their homes. He confined himself inside the church with his loyal (& mighty) steed and rang the bells. It didn’t take long for La Biscia to slither across the village and see the church doors closed. Lord San Colombano sprung out and after an intense fight, he killed the serpent.

Unfortunately, the hero was unaware that the blood of the beast was poisonous. As soon as he touched his victorious blade, death came to claim him. Suddenly, his steed galloped whilst carrying his master’s body, still on horseback, until the hamlet of Mona where he later found.

The locals, overwhelmed by this tragedy, were furious at the Lords who had refused to fight. This dramatic event caused one of them to be murdered and a vendetta to see the light of day; leaving the whole region in ruins.

Eversince, the church of Ostriconi has remained deserted.