The old silver mines overlooking the sea

How about venturing off the beaten track and away from the sandy beaches between Ile-Rousse and Agriate? Set off on an adventure along the windy coastal road between Calvi and Galeria. After Revellata, the steep coastal cliffs, small coves which can only be accessed by the sea and, finally, Nichjaretu beach, you will then arrive at Argentella, whose name comes from the former silver mines here.

Between the sea and the maquis…

You will most definitely fall in love with this magnificent natural area, with one of the most beautiful stony beaches in Corsica, down below. At Crovani Bay and the beach, you can enjoy the sea and the sun, far from civilisation. This wild beach is the perfect spot for relaxation and meditation. The little colourful stones and deep blue of the sea make this a calm and peaceful place.

There is one establishment though which reminds you that you are not completely cut off from the rest of the world. The only hotel here, the Marina d’Argentella will welcome you for a peaceful stay in the midst of nature.

It is the ideal place both for families or for a romantic getaway. Even though it can be quite busy in the summer, it still remains wild and rather intimate.


If you so wish, you can also go for a walk around this historical place. Take the footpath which veers to the right off the road. At the entrance to the footpath you will come face-to-face with the castle of Prince Pierre Bonaparte, built onto the ruins of the Genoese tower Torre Mozza.

Then, carry on down the footpath and you will get to the ruins of the ancient mine. From there, you can finally admire the panoramic view over the sea and Crovani Bay. For a bit of history, this open pit silver mine got its name from argentiferous lead ore  (argentu in the Corsican language) which was once extracted here. From the remains, copper was also produced (chalcopyrite). There was also a mineral preparation factory here. This place was in operation from 1856, and was abandoned once and for all in 1930.

You can also walk along the footpath to see the ruins of the factory and admire the view, and of course take some photos; however, we strongly recommend you do not go down to the entrance of the mine.

Practical information

How do we get there? By car, take the RD81 highway from Calvi, towards Galeria, along the coast. It is 16 km away and will take approximately 30 minutes by car.

You can park your car near the beach.

The beach is not supervised.

Animals are forbidden on the beach, even if they are kept on a lead.