The mountains of Balagne

Bonifato forest is surrounded by mountains, with sides which may be steep but hundred-year-old trees still manage to cling on. The 3,000 hectares of greenery serve as a refuge for wildlife. The shade here is very much appreciated by hikers looking to cool off. Just like the neighbouring Fango and Tartagine valleys, Bonifato forest is also known as one of the green lungs of the Balagne.

Corsican nature in all its forms…

At just 20 km from Calvi, Bonifato (from the Corsican for “a blessed place”) forest is above all a haven of peace. You are invited to come and be at one with nature in one of these cool and magical places of pure relaxation.

Take the small footpath which runs alongside the pretty Figarella river. You will especially enjoy the natural swimming pools which delight people of all ages. In fact, it’s time to take a break! A break of pure happiness, combining well-being, relaxation and freshness.

If you are looking for outdoor sports and extreme activities, Bonifato has everything you need!  People who often come here call it the “cirque”, and it is the perfect place for hiking, fishing and climbing in Balagne. As for those who are looking for a challenge, why not try the famous GR20 or the similar Mare è Monti!

In any case, we guarantee there’s something for everyone!

Dare to try the GR20!