To whet your appetite!

If you are looking to discover the authentic flavours of the Balagne region, make sure you go to the village fairs. They are an opportunity for the local producers to showcase their talent and what the land here has on offer. Come and discover olive oil, almonds and traditional bread. Here, local production is favoured and you can meet the producers themselves. The Balagne village fairs are some of the most important moments on the events calendar for lovers of authentic tastes and Corsican cuisine. So come and taste, talk, laugh, and above all… bon appétit!

The olive fair in Montegrosso in July

Come and discover the olive and all its health benefits in the village of Montemaggiore, a part of the municipality of Montegrosso. The Olive Fair is one of the 100 French events which holds the “sites remarquables du goût” (place of remarkable taste) label, awarded by the Conseil National de l’Art Culinaire. Here, you can taste different products centred around the olive, but also honey, deli meats and the famous cheeses of Corsica! During this event, there are also tours of the mill and culinary demonstrations, with the olive proudly taking centre stage! Actually, the olive of Balagne is one of the best on the island.

The bread fair in Lumio in August

It’s a real challenge to take into account the current methods of bread-making and at the same time, preserve ancient traditions and know-how! However, the connection between traditions and modernity was made quite naturally, using the ancient bread ovens throughout the village. An exciting programme of demonstrations, manual workshops and tasting sessions awaits you for this musical and welcoming celebration. 

The almond fair in Aregno in August

In the natural setting that is the village of Aregno, arts and crafts exhibitions, culinary competitions, concerts and children’s entertainment, all around the theme of the almond, will be offered to you. Food lovers will enjoy tasting the quality of the local Corsican products made using this fruit. During this event, there is a superb festive atmosphere in Aregno and it’s the perfect opportunity to taste these local delights.