Montemaggiore, the village overlooking the sea and the mountains

The ruins of the old village of Montemaggiore can still be seen at A Cima. From there, there is an exceptional view over the Gulf of Calvi. Montemaggiore was built around its most ancient neighbourhood, and the village was once home to a part of the seaside population of Balagne who were fleeing the incessant insecurities at the ruins of the Calvi diocese. Along with the neighbouring villages of Cassano and Lunghignano, it is now a part of the single municipality of Montegrosso

More than just a village… inspiration for a book!

Within the village of Montemaggiore, you will find beautiful little streets, lined with old houses with sculpted doors. If you venture down one of these streets, you will come across a passage known as “Don Juan”.

In fact, in his novel “les âmes du purgatoire”, the French writer Mérimée wrote about a libertine named “Don Juan”, born in Seville in 1627. He was the son of Donna Gelormina Anfriani, born in Montemaiò and of Tomaso Magnara, born in Calvi. First of all, the story tells of how he seduced his half-sister and then, full of remorse for this “sin”, he fled to Andalusia. He is then thought to have become a monk.

Award-winning olive oil

Maybe you prefer the relaxing summer evenings?

In that case, come here in July. For many years now, as a tribute to the Balagne olive production traditions, the olive tree celebration “A Fiera di l’Alivu” takes place. Craftspeople and olive producers will be delighted to share their experience and expertise with you.

Montemaggiore is also a village where the locals love to get together for celebrations and local traditions. For example, in winter, the “pulenda – figatellu” celebration, where everyone is welcomed with open arms, to a bonfire at the village square.

Montemaiò... u paese à fiancu à u Montegrossu