The dance of the sea…

Can you see that little village on the sea between Ile-Rousse and Calvi? Yes, that’s Algajola. To get there, first you have to leave the main road. Then follow the train tracks for several hundred metres. Once you have crossed the village, you will most certainly enjoy the long beach which is very popular with thrillseekers, due to the big waves here.

Algajola, a village on the water…

Algajola is the ideal seaside resort, with everything you need for a successful holiday.  Just picture yourself enjoying a delicious meal, with your feet in the sand, comfortably seated at one of the beach huts. This is the perfect place to try all the pleasures of the sea. You can go for an introductory diving session, take a sailing lesson or even try your hand at kitesurfing. Then finally, relax on a sun lounger.

The ideal location of Algajola also means that from here you can set off to discover the villages of the Aregno Plain. You can actually venture across the entire Balagne countryside. If however, you prefer to stay at the seaside, climb aboard the trinichellu, the Balagne tram. It will take you on a trip down the coast between Ile-Rousse and Calvi, to access the most beautiful sandy beaches of the region.

But, if you prefer to discover the natural environment, opt for a bike ride off the beaten path. Your dream of getting away from it all will become reality!

The cosy atmosphere in the shade of the remparts…

Now, pass under the archway and really pierce the heart and soul of the village, u castellu, the castle. At a village square or down a side street, you will feel the warm atmosphere throughout the village which makes Algajola such a great place to live. Now head towards the seaside. Take the time to savour the landscape before your eyes! The sea stretches out to the horizon which makes it the ideal place to witness an unforgettable sunset.

Then, on the way out, next to the town hall, you’ll find the majestic Church of Saint Georges, in which polyphonic vocals resonate throughout the summer season.

Finally, the evenings are for spending quality time with friends, family or romantic evenings out. You could for example go to the village square and try out one of the restaurants, for gourmet, hearty meals.

Catherine, lover of Balagne, Passing through the castle archway is always as surprising as the last time! Here, you can see a blend of history and the warm and friendly atmosphere of the village!