A train unlike all others!

The train in Corsica is affectionately known as “u trinichellu“; just like a gondola mounted onto tracks, it is an assembly of small wagons which make their way along the train tracks of Balagne, up and down the coast between Calvi and Ile-Rousse. It is primarily used as a shuttle service for the beaches.

The train in Corsica, the closest you can get to the water in Balagne!

Much like a magic roundabout, the train remains the only way to discover up close the beaches of Balagne between Ile-Rousse and Calvi.

With the windows wide open in the summer, you can enjoy the superb view all the way along the coastline and take some great photos.
The train runs up and down the coast at a very reasonable speed, but the passengers appreciate the slow speed because that’s what holidays are all about, slowing down the pace. The most difficult part of this is choosing the right beach to get off at! Try to avoid the temptation to get off at every stop…

This unique and original way of traveling will no doubt be one of the best memories of your holiday in Corsica. So see you very soon… we are waiting for you!

At the heart of Corsica

Just let the train carry you and cross Corsica from top to bottom, leaving from Balagne… From Calvi and Île-Rousse, the Trinichellu will take you away from the crystal-clear waters and towards the heart of the Corsican mountains.

Ponte-Leccia and Corté will be your next ports of call. From there, take the Eiffel bridge, cross over the rock and zig-zag around the bends (yes, on a train!)… With the train in Corsica, you are guaranteed thrills! Finally, if you so wish, you could stop off at Vizzavona and discover the magnificent forest of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica.

What can you do here? take a dip in the river, see the Cascade des Anglais waterfall, go for a walk, and of course, enjoy the fresh air!

However, if you carry on South and pass by the village of Bocognano, c’you will reach the Ajaccio Plain. Just a few minutes longer and you will enter the Imperial City. You will have around four hours to visit the city centre and why not go for a dip in the turquoise-blue waters of the Mediterranean. Times up! It’s time to go back to the train station before your train leaves without you.

Now, off we go and welcome back to Balagne!

Information and bookings:

Tickets are on sale at the train stations or directly on the train with the controller

Train times in Corsica and Balagne