An air of Tuscany…

The village of Santa Reparata straddles the hills of Santa Suzanna and Mont Sant’Angelu. Choose your favourite view! The combination of green and blue of the Palazzi Valley and the Ile-Rousse golf course, or the green of the Regino Valley bocage.

The church gives it a real feel of Tuscany. Look at the polychrome stones and come and find out all about the history of the village. The Count Boniface, Marquis of Tuscany, had this church built for the worship of Sainte Reparate.

Santa Reparata di Balagna is actually several villages inside one. Begin with Occiglioni. Down a paved side street, between the huge houses, come and discover the pretty village square and church which appear before you. Before you leave, don’t forget to enjoy the superb view overlooking Ile-Rousse right up to the shores of the Agriate.

Now head to Palmento. This hamlet was named after the many wine presses which are today used as an oil press. It really is worth going for a stroll around the streets here and take a moment to admire the square tower.

Come back to Santa Reparata and the hamlets within the village. Take your time wandering up and down the side streets, to discover the many village squares where you will msot certainly run into the locals going about their daily life.

This village isn’t the most popular in Balagne with tourists, but it really is worth a visit. Come and meet the locals. Go inside the Mercatellu and take a look at the locally-made products, come and meet Colette in her leather workshop in Occiglioni, discover the works of art in the Codolina workshop and taste the sweet honey by Jean-Claude and François and the traditional flavour of Joséphine’s biscuits.