The wonderful world of birds…

Beyond Losari, Regino Valley stretches before you, as far as the Feliceto mountains. Surrounded by the inland villages, like balconies overlooking the sea with Codole in the centre, the valley is one of the protected natural areas of the Balagne.

Within Regino Valley, there are several different protection “zones” such as the Birds and Habitats, ecological interest, fauna and flora, and of course the Natura 2000 area. The whole place provides the ideal conditions to shelter a multitude of species, including the Red Kite, icon of Regino Valley. Here, the bocage and agro-pastoral history have created the perfect environment for birds such as the golden eagle, the woodlark, the nightjar and warblers. Regino Valley is also the home to an exceptional population of bats, in the former Losari and Belgodère mines.

You will fall in love with the sheer diversity of plant life in Regino Valley. The grasslands, holm oak trees, olive trees and pine trees, not to mention the famous Corsican maquis which really enhances the whole area. When you enter the village of Belgodère, look carfeully and you will discover a giant species of orchid.

This is a truly superb place to discover as you wander through the villages of Regino Valley, with the majestic Red Kites flying over your head.