Pietralba is the first village you come to in Balagne, situated at the entrance to the region, in the Canale pieve district. Pietralba is made up of the hamlets of Teto and Pedano and overlooks the Ostriconi valley and beach. It is a mere stone’s throw from the Col de Sainte Marie, and forms a natural border between the Ostriconi Valley and Tartagine Valley

The village of Pietralba has a rich agro-pastoral past which can be seen today as you visit the village, set off on the many footpaths and of course taste the local specialities on offer.

If you are looking for an idea for an outing, come and discover the abandoned village of Casenove up in the heights of Pietralba. From the hamlet Pedano, go through the village of Novella by following the coastal path along the Route de la Balanina. If you venture off the beaten track, you may even catch a glimpse of the wild horses which live on the Tenda plateau.

After all that exercise, let yourself be tempted by the local specialities. The Oliose biscuit with olive oil, deli meats or cheese will make your mouth water. YES, that’s right, you’re in Balagne!