When the light hits the stone…

Have you heard of the village of Lumio? Yes, probably, but because it’s the hometown of Laetitia Casta or holiday destination for some celebrities… Here, we are going to show you another side to this village.

Sure to be dazzled!

We would like to present Lumio to you, first and foremost as the village of light! Between the sea and the maquis, it overlooks the bay of Calvi, the impressive citadel, and shines, like a jewel when the sun is going down. Before coming to this village, remember to get proper protection for your eyes! So we welcome you to Lumio, the authentic village with a preserved soul, which is above all, very bright …

Lumio, a land of culture and traditions

Firstly, come and discover how Lumio has been able to keep a good balance between being open to the outside world, and carrying on traditions from generation to generation. It is in fact a very clever mix, from a very specific combination. That of the voices of A Filetta, which are taking Corsican polyphonics beyond Mediterranean borders, united by their passion of wine-growing and working the land here.

The sweet taste of grapes…but not only!

Now, set off to the Clos Culombu. Thanks to just the right mixture of grape varieties and a selection of the best grapes, we have achieved the perfect balance which has produced an elixir which delights the taste buds.

At the wine estate we can see an attachment to culture and traditions, but not only those concerned with the wine-growing process. On a hot sunny day, the tradition of threshing the wheat, a tribbiera, is practiced here. You are of course invited to this event which is an opportunity to meet people and have a good time discovering an ancient practice. Very often, artists come to showcase their works of art here.

Invigorating scents…

Now, come to  Astratella for a chemistry lesson. The distillery extracts essential oils from wild plants, which are beneficial for the body and mind. They include immortelle, myrtle, rosemary and clementine and will take you on a voyage of unforgettable Corsican scents.

In the summer season, you will enjoy learning about the passion of the producers and crasftspeople here, who are fiercely proud to share their know-how with you at the famous bread celebration (foire du pain).

Oci, a very particular atmosphere…

You will most certainly be taken in by this infinite perspective, between the sky and the sea, up on the top of the village of Lumio.  The abandoned village of Oci will take you back to another era, but above all, listen to the deafening silence here!

In Oci, or Occi, the granite silhouettes can appear warm and inviting or even worrying, depending on the colours in the sky. However, they will always make you fall into a daydream and rouse your curiosity. You will be whisked back into the Middle Ages. After a short walk, you will finally catch a glimpse of the fragile ruins, the threshing field which is very popular with photographers and the chapel.

So enjoy your walk around this village which is truly a must-see of your holiday in Balagne.

Lumiu... u sole pè cumpagnu

From April to December

Local producer’s market, every Wednesday morning from 8:30am to 12pm

From June to September

There are concerts held every Tuesday in the Church of Oci. It is the perfect opportunity to walk up there and relax to the sound of the Corsican vocals and music.

From mid-July to mid-September

A guided tour of the abandoned village of Oci every Monday at 6:30pm. Reservations are compulsory at Lumio town hall or on their website