In Avapessa, nature is a treasure…

Avapessa, formerly known as acqua spessa, is nestled at the foot of the Capu di Bestia in Balagne. It is above all a village which is renowned for its attachment to the soil and crops, in particular that of the olive tree. This place is in fact a real garden, hidden in the Regino Valley.

Sophisticated architecture…

Now, set off to discover Avapessa, making sure to begin your visit with the most well-known spot… the clock tower of the Saint-Mary Church. It towers above the roofs of the particularly well-kept houses of the village.

In bygone days in Avapessa in Balagne, there was another chapel and a defensive tower. Today, they are no longer there. However, the stones of these monuments were reused. They were used to build houses and the wine press.

Luxurious gardens …

Avapessa is hiding a whole other treasure… that of one particular nature lover. At the foot of the village, we invite you to push open the door to an extraordinary garden… the Avapessa Fruit Tree Garden (Jardin Fruitier d’Avapessa).

Over the years, Robert Kran, “built” this magnificent garden which combines experimentation and wonder. He will take you on a voyage of scents, colours and above all… flavours.

Did you know?

Above Avapessa in Balagne, there is an enormous rock, which, at first glance, seems to be capable of wiping out the entire village if it were to break free. However, nature has fortunately done its job well and has effectively “chained” another rock to it so that it is no longer a threat to the village.

Avapessa... u paisolu à l'ombra di l'alivi