Sailing in Balagne

Are you a lover of a sea who prefers the deck of your boat to the comfort of a hotel room?  A good sailor, hair blowing in the wind, the sea breeze your only companion and the noise of the waves crashing up against the hull of the boat… those are the only things you really need for a successful sailing adventure.

It only takes a few hours of sailing from the Azure Coast or the Italian coast, to reach this beautiful island. You could also discover the the magnificent wild landscapes of the Corsican coastlines aboard your motor boat, sailing boat or catamaran, with the majestic mountains in the background.

Choose your port of call!

A seaside resort with a small harbour such as Calvi or Île-Rousse, or even a superb cove for a peaceful dip in the sea…  In any case, the Balagne will ensure you enjoy your time here and are amazed by what you see.

However, sailing is not only reserved for boat owners. In the Balagne, there are many establishments who will advise you on the best boat to rent. Depending on the boat you decide on, you may need a boating license. You can even choose to get your boating license while you’re here! If you prefer to let someone else do the hard work, the skippers will be delighted to accompany you for unforgettable trips out at sea.

Who better than you can understand the beauty of nature and its vulnerability. The harbours of Île-Rousse and Calvi offer a large number of services which aim to reduce the impact of your stay here on the planet, as much as possible.

It is too hard to resist the calling of this magnificent reserve. However, don’t forget that there are strict rules here to respect for the protection of the environment, and the following is strictly forbidden:

  • mooring at night in the whole area
  • mooring any time day or night in the classified area from Punta Palazzu to île de Garganellu
  • Picking flowers or touching the wildlife
  • Feeding animals
  • hiking, climbing or other outdoor activities
  • camping, open-air camping or lighting a fire
  • deep-sea diving or underwater hunting
  • recreational fishing in any form and hunting on the area on the land

These areas are protected by the French Coastal Protection Agency. The following is therefore forbidden:

  • camping
  • open-air camping
  • lighting a fire
  • leaving waste lying around