When you enter the territory of Losari you will now find yourself in the new Marine Nature Park of Agriate and Cap Corse, the 8th Park in France. Here, you will discover a protected area where the topics of interest are knowledge of the marine environment, the protection of this environment and sustainable development of tourism activities.

The marine and coastal habitats from Losari Point all the way to Bastia, shelter rich and varied environments. This is the home for many species (for reproduction, nurseries, a stage in the migration process, etc.), who take advantage of the diversity of the underwater landscapes here: canyons, continental shelf, sandy bottoms, coralligenous habitat, grass beds, etc.

The Marine Nature Park of Agriate and Cap Corse strives to take care in managing the fragile balance between beauty and diversity of species and sea bed habitats, and the different industries (tourism, maritime traffic, small-scale fishing, leisure activities, etc.).

If you are lucky you could catch a glimpse of 8 species of cetacean including dolphins, Cory’s shearwater and osprey.

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