Sant’Antonino… charming and picturesque

Do you know the small picturesque village of Sant’Antonino?

You will instantly fall in love with the place. Firstly, come and enjoy the peace and quiet of this eagle’s nest. Then, leave your car at the entrance to the village and walk in the footsteps of Ugo Colonna, famous Roman count and founder of Sant’Antonino. 

Plunge into the Middle Ages…

Wander up and down the narrow streets and begin with a discovery of the 75 houses built into the rock, using local stones. These homes are all attached to one another and are wound around the granite rock hook to form a sort of maze.

After passing through the many archways, you will finally catch a glimpse of the ancient bread oven and former wine press. Finally, go up to the top of the village where you will see the ruins of the old fortifications. Take a deep breath… and open your eyes to admire the superb view of the whole of Balagne from this rock!

A taste of lemon…

Just imagine what this place was once like: the valleys of olive trees, vines, almond trees with the shimmering sea on the horizon… Remember that you are right at the heart of what was once called the garden of Corsica! 

Now it’s time to relax. Head up to the village square. When you arrive, order a glass of “citronnade” and a few local specialities… If you were wondering what pure happiness looked like… this is it!

Did you know?

Due to the altitude and location, Sant’Antonino is the only village that can be seen from pretty much anywhere in Balagne.

Charging station for electric vehicles in the parking lot of the church square

Gardate isse petre... sò i testimoni di u tempu chì passa è di a vita di l'omi