Under the protection of Santissima Annunziata…

Let’s go and discover the pretty village of Muro in Corsica. This preserved village is close to everything and far away at the same time, hidden away in a haven of greenery. Muro is a garden perched on the side of the mountain, under the Avazeri Peak.

Muro got its name from the old citadel “Maure”, known as Muru Vecchiu, conquered in the year 975 by Avazeru. In the village square in Muro, you will find the magnificent Church of Santissima Annunziata. It stands proudly above the village, acting as a protector.

This village has the Corsican soul running through its veins, with the herds, multi century-old olive trees, orange trees, prickly pears, oak forests, chestnut forests stretching as far as the foot of Montegrosso. With the ancient buildings and luxurious houses, Muro has kept its authenticity and personality, with arched passageways and paved streets.

This natural environment between the sea and the mountains is a favourite spot for the Red Kite bird of prey. Above the village, there is a Plateau with an exceptional view overlooking the mountains and the sea. It’s the perfect place to set off on an exceptional hiking trip.