Moncale … fulfilment and peace of mind

Lose yourself in the footsteps of travellers and pilgims and step into the Pieve d’Olmia in Moncale in Balagne.

The village of Moncale is built onto a hill and from here, there is a breathtaking view of Montegrosso and the village of Calenzana.

This village is situated right at the heart of Balagne. Firstly, come and visit this charming village which ressembles a real-life nativity scene, then climb up to the summit, to walk along the remains of the Castel Scupulinu and the Château Bordanucciu. You will really feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Now, imagine you’re still here but in the past centuries. During this period, the village was controlled by the Maraninchi lords, and these men actually shaped the landscape of Moncale in Balagne as we see it today. They planted olive trees, fruit trees and vegetable gardens, which transformed Balagne into a Corsican garden.

A bountiful natural environment…

You will find yourself at the crossroads of the streams flowing into the river. This is the perfect place to take a moment and cool off in the Figarella. As you admire the beautiful natural environment all around you, some hidden treasures will be unveiled. Throughout the seasons, craftspeople and producers work this land to extract the wealth within.  Local honey, cheese and olive oil will make your mouth water…

U Mucale... savore di mele è prufumi d'alivi