Come and discover one of the oldest villages in Balagne and its hamlets which stretch majestically over the hills of Mont de Guido, du Borgu and de Pietralta, at the foot of Mont Sant’Angelo.

Visiting Corbara is a voyage at the heart of “Moorish” architecture, where a certain native of the area, Davia, became empress of Morocco. Stroll by the beautiful houses, wander up and down the streets and pass under the arched passageways to discover this typical Balagne village.

A wealth of heritage and history

You could visit the numerous religious buildings such as the Chapel of Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs, the Church of the Virgin Nativity (known as Notre-Dame de Lazio), or the many other chapels or oratories, not to mention the Saint-Dominique Convent.

Don’t miss the Collegiate Parish Church A Nunziata to discover the Musée du Trésor in the sacristy, with a collection of liturgical ornaments. To make sure you don’t miss any information about the heritage and the prominent characters of the old village of Corbara, use the audio guide which is available at the entrance.
On the path down to the village square, stop off at the di u sbollaru fountain. This famous source is found under a beautiful archway and the gushing waters flow into a fabulous granite bowl. Test out the legend by drinking the water here to find out if its true that he who drinks from here, shall be at peace.
Head to the heights of the village up to the house of Guy Savelli. Inside this house museum you can admire portraits, maps, period posters, handwritten letters and ancient musical instruments. Welcome to Corbara…