One village, one star, the perfect film set!

The distinctive feature of the village of Cassano in Balagne, is without a doubt the architecture at the village saure which is in the shape of a star, leading towards the narrow streets of the village… people come here to spend quality time together, drink coffee or when there is a special evening event. It is a favourite place for children to come and play and also a setting which is very popular with filmmakers.

Quiet, the camera is rolling…

Now, take the time to admire the large, impressive ancient buildings, with traditional porches, which bear witness to the wealth of the owners.

This is probably why a number of filmmakers have chosen this village in Balagne as the setting for their films.

In modern filmmaking, one example is the film “Liberata”, by Philippe Carrese. This was actually the first French film to be filmed and finalised in high definition. The film is a historical drama, produced in 2005, which tellls the story of the Italian occupation of Corsica during the Second World War.

As you wander around Cassano, you will feel like you are on a film set!

Breeding and craftsmanship…

In the 19th century, the 500 inhabitants of Cassano lived on breeding and craftsmanship and also farming, with cereal crops, the production of wine and olive oil.

In 1972, before merging with the neighbouring Montemaggiore and Lunghignano, Cassano had its own territory of 3 km². Today, these three villages are known as one single municipality, under the name of Montegrosso.

Today, there are approximately one hundred inhabitants in Cassano, who enjoy the peaceful life of a small Balagne village. Why don’t you come and see it for yourself?