In the shade of the chestnut trees in Pioggiola


Sentier du patrimoine de Forcili en Balagne

In the midst of the enormous mountains of Ghjunsani which surround you, take the trail which leads down to the stream in Forcili.

Your walk begins here. You will head towards the forest of Ghjunsani and the little houses of the ancient village of Forcili. The trail will take you around the houses and past fountains in this small hamlet. Listen carefully! Down below, the soft rushing of the stream is calling you to venture even deeper into this lush green natural environment.

Follow the stones, the remains of ancient walls, and you will arrive at u ponte à i purcili, the Geneose bridge just ahead of you which straddles Forcili stream. You are now in the chestnut tree forest. Along your way, enjoy the freshness in the shade of these trees, with only the sound of the rushing water to break the silence.

The ancient walls which line this trail are evidence of the former farming lands of Ghjunsani. The chestnut grove was once one of the main resources for Ghjunsani, the proof of which can be seen in the way they’ve been planted. It is not only the trees who have something to show here, take a look at the flowers and plants all around you. The harmonious blend of mauve and yellow crocus, the soft touch of the Corsican hellebore, or the bright red of the little holly, all give this mountain landscape a certain charm.

The river flows towards you. Go over the wooden bridge and stop a little further down at this small wooden gate. Open it and venture forth where you will find yourself facing one of the oldest oak trees in the region. People of all generations will find the winding hollow trunk truly magical. Awaken your inner child at the sight of several horses which will come right up to greet you for a stroke.

Sentier du patrimoine de Forcili en BalagneYou are almost at the end of your journey, along these ancient walls and old chestnut trees. You will notice the  aghje, the wide-open spaces where the people of the village used to come to thresh the wheat.

It is now time to leave this parallel world where time appears to stand still. Go back onto the trail which will take you back to where you started. Up there, a little bench is waiting for you. Take the time to sit down and admire the superb view in front of you.

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