One word…spectacular!

If there is one moment we love experiencing the most every year when my wife, our son David and I stay in Calvi, it has to be the firework night on August 15th. This event is sure to bring out your inner child, like it did for my wife and I. After a visit to Calvi’s Tourism Office to find out the next festivities to be held in Balagne, we found out about an event held on August 15th in Calvi.

The fireworks were to be set off from the citadel, so we chose one of the bar-restaurants on the port to have dinner, which was definitely the place to be!

The place was buzzing and full of people. We made the right choice of arriving early to dine in the restaurant. At 22:30, the crowds start to gather on the port’s quays. Comfortably sat on the restaurant sofas, we savoured this joyous moment. A few minutes later, the city’s lights went out and silence fell, despite being able to sense the crowd’s restlessness.

The first lights illuminated Calvi citadel which had been plunged into darkness. The first crackling could then be heard, soon covered by Corsican music. U Celu di Balagna was illuminated with a thousand and one colours. From red, green, blue to gold, the fireworks are set off to the sound of the music which filled Calvi with a gentle lethargy. The walls of the citadel were then adorned with lights for this grand spectacle.

This magic moment lasted for over 20 minutes as “oohs” and “ahhs”! emanated from the crowd. Our hearts were beating in time with the explosions illuminating the sky during the breathtaking finale.

The darkness resumed. Applauds echoed into the sky, accompanied by boat horns out at sea. A wonderful moment to experience and share with loved ones during your visit to Calvi. On the way back to your accommodation, have one last drink, alcohol-free of course if you are driving, and take the time to enjoy peace and quiet of Calvi once the crowds have dispersed.

You have to experience it to appreciate it fully, and I hope to see you there next time. We are bound to go back to Calvi for our holidays!