Tu sì - Et Pourtant ça tourne

Et Pourtant Ça Tourne brings you its festival, with dance workshops, shows, exhibitions, concerts and open-air screenings in the Parc de Saleccia and at the Fogata cinema. Come and celebrate cinema in all its colors!

A program with African, Icelandic, surprising and artistic accents:

- Tuesday June 4 at 9pm - Open-air film in Parc de Saleccia:
"Nome" by Sana na N'hada (Guinea Bissau) - African meal at 8pm.

"Nome" is the essential questioning of a 73-year-old filmmaker who has fought all his life for his country to develop with respect for its values, in the spirit of the revolution in Guinea-Bissau. The film, which begins in 1969 and seems to end in the present day, is criss-crossed by images filmed by the filmmaker at the time, which clash with the fiction. It's much more than a historical fresco: it's a universal fable, a magical epic.
The main character, Nome, leaves his village and joins the maquis. Years later, he returns as a hero. Jubilation soon gives way to bitterness and cynicism, but not for everyone...

- Wednesday, June 5, 7pm - Vernissage and cocktail party at Parc de Saleccia, indoor :
"Les Couleurs de l'eau", photographic works by G. Matt (Gunna Matthiasdottir) - Exhibition from June 04 to 12.

- Thursday June 6 at 9pm - Choir and film in the Parc de Saleccia, outdoors, preceded by a meal with the choir:
The "Les Clandestines" choir, followed by the films "Courts métrages corses" and "Les différences".

- Short films -

Petit'a by Gérard Venturini:
In everyday life, Gérard Venturini is a doctor, but his real passion has always been cinema. He has made hundreds of short films, straddling art, philosophy and video burlesque. Most of the time, Gérard Venturini directs himself, as in "L'objet petit a" (watch out, Lacanians). The special effects are fine-tuned to the millimeter, often with the help of his right hand - Hervé Costa.

Mehret va à l'est by Cécil Chaignot (Fiction, 25', 2022):
Disembarked by mistake in Corsica, Mehret, a young woman in exile, has to cross the island to reach Italy.
Survival and walking are her only concerns, the east coast her destination.

U Taravu by Gérard Venturini:
Le Monochrome du Taravu treads the unlikely line between Corsican hunting and Yves Klein's famous blue.
Have you ever thought of Corsican sausages as art objects?

Dôc Lâp se tenir debout tout seul, by Ugo Casabianca (Documentary, 31', 2018):
An old lady lives as a recluse in her apartment on the outskirts of Ajaccio. Her voice vibrates at the edge of a motionless daily life. A voice that breathes out the reminiscences of an entire life. Angèle Milleliri, a former schoolteacher, was the wife of a tea planter in Indochina. Ugo convinced his grandmother to let him film her a few months before her death.
Festival Côté Court - Best Short Documentary Award - Corsica.Doc 2018

A Chjavata by Stephan Regoli (Fiction, 16', 2024):
Aurelia and Marie-Pierre, two sisters, must visit Jo, their grandfather.
To amuse themselves, they put on a racy reality show for him.
Far from the expected reaction, something awakens in him!

Sauvages by Nicolas Devienne (Fiction, 20', 2021) :
In 2043, Mélissa, a 25-year-old sea sweeper, lives and works on her intelligent sailboat, with her Newfoundland dog named Cham. In a world where everything is recycled at a premium, the Mediterranean Sea, the most polluted in the world, is a coveted collection area. In the middle of a mission, on her way to Marseille to sell her cargo, she saves a monkey from drowning. A mysterious ship gives chase...
CCAS Award - Arte Mare 2013

- Friday June 7 at 9pm - Dance show at Parc de Saleccia, in the open air:
"Symphonie de la solitude" with Vincent Harisdo and Abou Diarra - Dinner from 8pm.

"La Symphonie de la solitude-Sombras" is a choreographic creation by Vincent Harisdo, creator and dancer originally from Benin, set to the music of Abou Diarra, originally from Mali, who improvises with his Camel N'Goni. In this solo, Vincent Harisdo dialogues with Oriol Canals' film Sombras, excerpts from which are projected onto a thin screen in front of the performers.
Vincent Harisdo questions the inner states of the human being, the relationship between body and movement, and the relationship between the artist and the spectator. By turns poetic, disturbing or serious. The piece's eclectic approach means it can appeal to all audiences, from the youngest to the oldest, from neophytes to specialists.

- Saturday June 8 at 9pm - Music and comedy show in the Parc de Saleccia, outdoors - Dinner at 8pm:
A concert with Abou Diarra

Marked by the ancestral culture of Mandingo hunters, Abou Diarra is a n'goni (Malian harp-guitar) player with a strange and atypical background. Trained by a blind virtuoso master, known by the pseudonym "Vieux Kanté sans commentaire", he spent several months criss-crossing the roads of Abidjan-Bamako-Conakry... on foot, accompanied only by his instrument.
His music speaks of travel, exile, movement... Fascinated by blues, jazz, reggae... He explores and searches for harmonics outside traditional scales, adding strings to his instrument, experimenting with techniques inspired by the greats of jazz and blues, using his n'goni as a guitar, bass, harp or percussion... in silent, nostalgic ballads or the frenzied rhythms of dusty dances.

Then, a cocktail of humor, proverbs and tales with Saïdou Abatcha, Conteur d'ailleurs.

The cocktail is part teaching, part entertainment, part meditation, part awareness, part transmission.
"Truth is like light: you don't possess it, you seek it".
"Telling is easy, but listening is difficult.
If you have one mouth to speak, don't forget that you have two ears to listen".
Saïdou Abatcha loves words, good words, and what he tells is matter for laughter and thought through comic force and comic power. His only weapon: laughter to change the world.

- Saturday June 8 and Sunday June 9, 2-6pm - Dance workshop, booking essential, at Parc de Saleccia, in the park or indoors with Vincent Harisdo.

- Sunday June 9 at 11am - Children's show, a cocktail of humor, proverbs and tales, at Parc de Saleccia indoors, with Saïdou Abatcha, Conteur d'ailleurs:
Storytelling is our own mirror, the mirror par excellence of our society. We're always looking for ourselves in the mirror.
If we have qualities, we keep them. If we have faults, we correct them.
Storytelling takes us on a journey, makes us dream, lets us explore the world, both visible and invisible.
A tale that's useful, futile, playful and philosophical all at once.

- Tuesday June 11 at 8:30pm - Film at Cinéma Le Fogata:
"Apolonia, Apolonia" by Léa Glob (Denmark)

When Danish director Léa Glob began filming the painter Apolonia Sokol, it was intended to be nothing more than a film school exercise. In the end, the filmed portrait spanned thirteen years, turning into an intimate, meandering epic of a young woman artist, from her bohemian life at the heart of her parents' Lavoir Moderne theater, through her studies at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, to her rise in the world of contemporary art. Mirroring Apolonia are the destinies of Oksana Shachko, one of the founders of Femen, and the director. A three-faceted sisterhood, put to the test in today's world.


Free entry for children < 4 years.

Evening rates: €6 for members - €8 for non-members

Contemporary African dance workshop, booking essential on 06 23 07 55 09 or 06 62 30 21 84:
Free for EPÇT members (and by the hat)
Park entrance fee for non-members + 70€ (two days) and 40€ (one day)

Day rate, admission to Parc de Saleccia :
Reduced rate: 9€ (ages 4 to 18, students, unemployed, people with reduced mobility, groups of 10 or more)
Adults: €11
Large family: 30€ (2 adults and minor children).


  • Opening period

    From 04/06 to 11/06, daily.
    All sessions are preceded by a meal, to be reserved in advance.
    Come one hour before the session.

  • Means of payment

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