From Regino to Losari Tower

You’ve most certainly heard of Losari. The little hamlet and piazzetta, the beach with turquoise blue waters and preserved natural area. Losari is also a place to come for total and utter relaxation and to go on a walk of discovery.

Let’s start our walk! From the Casa di Losari, take the footpath which leads to the beach. Opposite you, there is a wooden footbridge which overlooks Reginu River down below. Leave the path you’re on and go down the one to your right. You will enter into a whole new world… Just imagine yourself, walking slowly through the reed bed with only the sound of the reeds swaying in the breeze to break the silence. You will be happy to be shaded from the hot sun beating down on you by the remarkable tamarisk. As you are walking, look around and admire the landscape: the mountains with snowy peaks in the winter, the inland villages clinging on to the rocks, and Regino Valley. Right, snap out of your daydream and carry on walking down the footpath to the little chapel of Losari, and then come and meet us at the Casa di Losari.

Now let’s take a look at the sea, over there on your left. The footpath winds around the rocks overlooking the sea and through the maquis with scents of cistus, myrtle and heather. You will probably see some local swimmers or fishermen who come to take advantage of the peace and quiet here. A little uphill section through the wild olive trees will lead you to Losari Tower. Go up the steps and take a deep breath of fresh air. You will see before you, a fantastic view of Losari, Regino Valley, Agriate  and the peaks of Ghjunsani. Just let time stand still… and then set off down the path dotted with green and scented maquis.