The furthest point of the Gulf of Calvi

In Punta di Spanu, you won’t find any cliffs, marshland, forests or even delta… Here you will only actually see rocks, but just look at those rocks! The grey and ochre shades are a real pleasure to see, especially in the evenings.

Now come and discover this ragged maze of rocks, some of them somewhat vertiginous, dotted with little sandy coves or coves with smooth stones.

There is some evidence of human presence to be found in this wild and natural environment. The remains of dry stone walls, now surrounded by maquis, the pagliaghji and Genoese tower bear witness to the presence of man. This place was once used as farming land, and the local people had cereal crops here and let their herds graze the land. Along your way, you may still run into goats or sheep today.

Singular vegetation…

The maquis of Punta di Spanu is characteristic of the short vegetation, which is typical for places like this with violent winds and sea spray. But the scents of Cistus, Myrtle, mastic and the sea spray are enough to make this place truly magical. Rare species can also be found here, such as the arum fly-trap and a sub-species of groundsel with thick leaves. Then, at the furthest point, you will see the seagulls, most probably searching for food.

This enchanting place is certainly one of the most beautiful natural areas on the coast of the Balagne.