Do you know the natural and protected territory of Losari? You have probably heard of the superb beach and small hamlet which has become an attractive little village in the Balagne. But now take the time to come and discover this remarkable and fragile place with us.

In this heavenly place, you will discover exceptional wildlife with rich and diverse avifauna such as the Red Kite, who has chosen to settle here. But Losari is not only a natural habitat, it is also the result of a long history of civilisations which can still be seen today. From the Benedictines to the Genoese, each generation contributed to shaping the landscapes.

Water can be seen here in all its most beautiful forms: the sea, the river, the marshland. It is in fact water which gave Losari its name.

The territory of Losari covers 8 km of coastline, including 2 km of sandy beaches, where the Regino River flows into the sea. To the West, the beach stretches up as far as the lower part of Punta Caggiola, covered with maquis and the location of the ancient Losari Tower. To the East, the cliffs of Punta d’Arco rise from the sea, a stark contrast with the Regino Plain. The waters here belong to the Marine Nature Park of Agriate and Cap Corse.

Losari is paradise for 15 species of birds, such as the golden eagle, the woodlark, osprey, banded stilt, European nightjar, Dartford warbler and Marmora’s warbler, not to mention the Red Kite, the symbol of Regino Valley.

Following the development of tourism here, the Conservatoire du Littoral (French Coastal Protection Agency) bought the land from the municipality of Belgodère and carried out the necessary planning, restoration and renaturation work. Environmentally-friendly parking areas were created, as well as footpaths with wooden fencing so that visitors to Losari can admire the endemic plant species.

Take all the time in the world to discover this beautiful natural environment, where humanity only leaves its mark in a respectful way, ensuring the protection of this fragile natural habitat.