Acqua linda

If you look towards the mountains, you will see Monte Grosso and it’s here at the foot of this mountain, that the village of Zilia in Corsica was built. In the midst of the olive and almond trees, a string of houses with traditional architecture was built around the bell tower. From up here, you will also be able to enjoy the breathtaking view over the lush green valley of Fiume Seccu.

A widely-used convent…

Before or after Zilia, depending on where you are coming from, you will enjoy the ancient Franciscan convent, above the Wine-growing estate of Alzipratu, which for a long time, housed a beautiful library, used by Pascal Paoli in particular. This major spiritual place was firstly destroyed during the revolution, then restored, to end up a private residence.

It was also the property of the Baron De La Grange who is believed to have held grand receptions here.

Then, it was bought by the Agnelli family, owners of the automobile company Fiat, among others.

Water with healing properties …

The village of Zilia was formerly known for the healing properties of the “Dirza” thermal spring. The local people still drink this drinking water today, and it is believed to have good digestive and diuretic properties. The production plant for this water was however abandoned in 1914.

The source found just above the road leading to the village was found to hold water which is slightly radioactive, mainly recommended for kidney problems. Consequently, Pierre and Marie Curie had this water analysed and confirmed the benefits of drinking it.

Water is still the star of the village today and that’s actually where the name came from. In fact, there is a brand of mineral water called Zilia, which has been produced since 1995 and sold all over the island. Taken from a depth of 80 metres on the side of the mountain, it has been given the “produit alimentaire de montagne” (Food product of the mountain) label. Each bottle contains excellent quality bicarbonate water, with a low mineral content.

So quench your thirst with Zilia.  Still or sparkling, depending on your tastes, will refresh the whole family. This water from Corsica should be enjoyed without reserve!

Tickle your taste buds!

Now take the time to come and discover the vineyard at the foot of Montegrossu by visiting the Alzipratu estate. The wines here are made from traditional Corsican grape varieties and will take you on a journey of scents and flavours. Set off on a discovery which will awaken all the senses, from a tour of the vineyard and wine storehouses, to a wine tasting with local Corsican delights.

Finally, this gourmet tour will naturally lead you to the biscuit factory which is carrying on the tradition of the Corsican shortbread. This recipe has been handed down through the generations with ingredients carefully selected and expertly measured, sometimes even hinting at a slight taste of brandy. Let yourself be tempted by the unique taste of this biscuit and you will feel like you are catapulted into the the past of the Corsican people.

Zilia... surghjente d'acqua linda è cultura di l'uva