A superb creation …

Climb up to the heights of Nervia Valley. A village of white houses with blue shutters stretches out before you: welcome to Pigna.

This village is an absolute must-see! Come and discover a village which, much like a phoenix, has risen from the ashes. Stone and clay blends into the tufa rock, bringing this village back to its former glory.

Park your car in the car park and you will find yourself in front of the Parish Church. Just to the right, a small construction is hiding a big secret. Behind its walls is an auditorium. This place has become so much more than just a tool for sharing musical traditions, it is a centre for research, experimentation, singing and music rehearsals, it is the heart of the village.
Carry on a bit further and you will arrive in front of A Vaccaghja; come and discover this former livestock pen, now an amphitheatre. If you are lucky enough to be in Pigna in July, you could come to the vocal festival here, Festivoce.

Wander up and down the village streets and stroll past the traditional shops and arts and crafts workshops… Those who can be thanked for the restoration of Pigna. Potters, jeweller, instrument maker, engraver and delicatessan are all worth the detour. This is a true example of the authentic side of Balagne!

Do not leave the village without watching the sunset from one of the panoramic outdoor seated areas. The local wines and gourmet specialities on offer will make this an unforgettable moment where time literally stands still.