On the trail of the Balagne craftspeople, take the road which leads to the small village of Nessa. This is maybe not the most popular place with tourists but you will find a very warm and inviting atmosphere here. In this village, everyone knows each other, it’s a real Corsican village. Around the church, the older generations like to get together and talk about the history of the village, overlooking the superb landscape of Regino Valley.

The paved streets will lead you to the heart of the village. Open your eyes and admire the high houses where you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the exposed rock. Take the time to appreciate the colourful sculpted doorways, and enjoy the very much sought-after shade of the chestnut trees which are dotted around the village.

Nessa is located on the edge of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. There are some fantastic hiking trails which leave from the village and take you along the ancient mule tracks of our ancestors.

Corsican Statesman Pascal Paoli is never very far in Balagne

A name that the local people of Nessa are extremely fond of is that of Don Gregoriu SALVINI, a native of the area. Don Gregorio SALVINI was born in the charming village of Nessa, and was one of the founders of the University of Corsica. The historian and polymist stood against the Genoese and initiated the Corsican Revolution. His ideas and actions inspired the young Pascal Paoli who later became general of Corsica, with his support. You will find this man, who loved his village so much, at the foot of the Baroque-style church, which he actually had restored (as well as other places in the village) when he came back to his roots.