The village with a panoramic viewpoint

Whilst visiting Lavatoggio, you are effectively walking in the footsteps of the Savelli brothers who were self-appointed lords of Barcaghju. Imagine their château and dungeon which stood proudly on the heights of the Aregno Plain… you will certainly fall in love with this charming village with a whole host of treasures to unveil.

Down a side street…

Enter into this maze of paved streets and arched passageways to see the many things on offer, including the numerous fountains and wash-houses in this village in Balagne.

Then set off to discover the small heritage site of Lavatoggio, which bears witness to a period when the village was brimming with crops. Here, the gardens were once full of cereals, olive trees, vines and especially, potatoes. It is because of the potato crop activity that the locals were known as i pumaghji.

Culture and heritage…

However, the name of the village comes from the wash-houses (in Corsican language, i lavatoghji). Come here to cool off and you may even drink in the shade of this old construction which is listed as a historical monument.

Now, head into the heart of the village… In the Parish Church, you can admire the Chapel of Sainte Ursule, decorated with the weapons of the lords of Savelli. Then take note of the adjoining rural building which is known as a Casazza, and the only purpose of which is social and cultural entertainment for Lavataggio. All year round, events are organised here by the local people.

The Chapel Notre-Dame de la Stella, is on the east side of the municipality, at an altitude of 400 m, on the northern slope of Capu Bracajo. There is an annual prilgrimage here on the 8th September. You can access the chapel by a narrow path.

A little gourmet break…

Finally, we can taste some of the local produce on offer! Come and discover the authenticity of a village restaurant (actually it’s an institution here!), offering a selection of specialities using local produce.

You will enjoy great food in an exceptional setting. The former oil mill Chez Edgar has been converted into a restaurant and is eager to welcome you… Come and meet the very popular owner and discover how warm and welcoming the Corsican people can be… he always has some great stories to tell his customers as they are finishing their meals!

Lavatoghju... orti è frutteti chì basgianu u mare